February 25, 2014

Nigeria today

Today's news coverage is absolutely atrocious. Turn on the news and most of the coverage is about politics,  like ObamaCare or the 2016 elections. If you have tuned in to the news today, you probably don't know what is going on in, say, Ukraine. Or Nigeria. This morning in Nigeria almost 60 boarding school students were murdered in their sleep by Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram ("Western education is sinful" in the northern Hausa language), but I bet you haven't heard about it on the news today. The students were either shot or burned to death and the entire school is now in ashes. This terrorist group has killed 300 people this MONTH, mostly civilians. That is 3x more than everyone who died in the Ukrainian protests. Since 2001, they have left anywhere from 1,000 - 12,000 people dead depending on what news source you use (there are many attacks that have left 100+ dead that are still unconfirmed. Some sources take this into account). They target Christian villages and schools. In comparison, Al Qaeda is estimated to have carried out 31 attacks from 1992 to 2008  with a death toll of an estimated 4,500 lives (according to the economist). Just let that sink in. And then realize that the majority doesn't care. At the least they are simply ignorant. Why doesn't the news give these kind of tragedies coverage? Because they don't think it will get them the numbers, the viewership. I've been watching or listening to the news all day, and only BBC even mentioned this mass murder. The real question though, do you care?