February 24, 2016

Allergic Child Met With Applause

This whole situation is tragic. 

The poor child had no control of the situation, yet was met with applause when forced to leave (a prospect I worry about every time I fly). Obviously these people weren't trying to be cruel. They were happy their plane could finally leave. But they were not considering a single human being other than themselves. 

As someone who has had food allergies her entire life, I KNOW people can be flat out cruel when you request them to change something small in order to avoid an allergen: from PTA intentionally bringing nut muffins because they were so annoyed that you bothered them with 'your problems', to people who understand just what 'life threatening allergy' means yet still telling you that it's wayy to much to request students wash their hands after eating pb&js. This list could go on. 

Many are just uninformed, some simply don't care about you (like the individuals in this article), and others are honestly trying to spite you. It doesn't really matter what category you fall under. As a decent human being it is your duty to help others avoid a situation where they could possibly DIE

I'm an adult. I don't expect you to change your eating habits for me. I've had 18 years to figure out how to navigate the world without your help (sometimes that might even include the decision to avoid you). But a /child/ doesn't have that experience or maturity. Often they can't cut you out. How much is it, really, to put away the bowl of nuts when a parent concerned for their child's life asks? Or, if you know that so-and-so will be at the banquet, to keep the labels on the cookies you bought at the bakery? 

Be conscious of those around you. Do the right thing. Be a decent human. 

Thanks to all the awesome humans who have helped me stay alive year-to-year 😊💖