November 14, 2015

Why #PrayForParis is Significant

I have so many words to say over this tragedy. I want to rant about why it happend. Speculate over what will happen next. Yell at someone who could have prevented it. But none of these words would help those suffering.

So, what I am going to discuss (today at least) is #PrayForParis. 
Immediately after the attack, the posts began. On Twitter  #PrayForParis began trending. Celebrities were tweeting it. News sources were and are tweeting it. Liberals and conservatives. It's a bit odd as to why. 

It isn't normal for everyone to call for prayers. It's actually abnormal. The question, then, is why. 
Could it be that when there is literally nothing we can do about a situation we instinctively find comfort in prayer? I believe that most individuals want to be able to 'get by' on their own. But when they can't, when a tragedy has occurred, individuals of all backgrounds turn instinctively to a higher power. 

 #PrayForParis is important for so many reasons. But its significance comes from the comfort we feel knowing that someone bigger is looking out for our world. That there is someone we can turn to when there is nothing else. 

Now that I have made my main point, I'd like to remind those who have tweeted  #PrayForParis to actually pray. The sentiment is a good one, but will do nothing unless we follow through on it.