February 10, 2016

On Bernie Sanders

I'm listening to Bernie Sanders' victory speech and I agree with 80-90% of what he is saying. The reason he appeals to my generation so strongly is because he correctly identifies and is passionate about solving the problems that are so glaring to those of us who have to live in the future. Later, when there is a transcript published I'll make a list in the comments.
Additionally, he is so authentic about his beliefs in a time when politics is fraught with issue, reality, and honesty-avoiding in favor of keeping their seats and privileges. Listening to him makes me WANT to want to vote for him (no, that's not a typo). Those who have judged or competed in debate will understand this phenomenon.
However, as a debater, I also understand that we must step back, away from the charisma, away from his passionate honesty and look at his proposals and their consequences on a spreadsheet scrubbed of our own wants. When I do this, I see that the socialist proposals of Bernie would not fix the very real problems he, and I, see. The way to fix those problems is not to raise tax rates or pay for college tuition but to cut out loopholes and encourage a higher teaching standard with fewer full-time-non-teaching-7-figure-making positions (this could be achieved by slowing and simplifying the insane college admissions process).
As much as I want to want Sanders as an ideologue who believes in the same future that I do, I can't let myself. Because his policies won't bring about that future that I look forward to being a part of.
Unfortunately, I don't think many republican candidates believe in the future and can clearly see the problems enough to put away their partisan bickering and their hawkish protection of their seats. So, this is the struggle we are presented with this election. Those who vote for Bernie are not stupid. They believe too much to LOOK. And I admire their belief in and desire for a future to love and be proud of.